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Who We Are

Post  Dhellia on Thu May 05, 2011 11:43 pm

Avatar of Honor was formed at the end of Burning Crusade by our raid leader/guild master Mydin with the intention of creating a progression based casual raid team. The guild was centered on the 10 and 25 man raid teams. Since then Avatar of Honor has evolved, but raiding is still a driving force of our small guild. Now our goal is to incorporate various levels of players into AoH to create a more accomplished and dynamic guild.

Our membership encompasses a wide breadth of player level, experience, and interest. Although many of us focus on raiding in our 10 man progression team the guild actively completes 5 man dungeons, achievements, older content, and the occasional PvP match Even though we are on an RP server, RP is almost non-existent within the guild.

Some of us also know each other in ‘real life’ but our membership spans North America. Our Vent is rarely used for anything but raiding but we have a generally friendly guild and we often talk with each other in guild chat about a variety of in-game and non-WoW related topics.

If you think that Avatar of Honor is a place you would be happy and could call your new WoW home please fill out our guild application or feel free contact Dhellia/Kyraa in game with any questions!

Oh yeah... and we have five bank tabs and a tabard.

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